Monday, May 16, 2011

My Overambitious Food Experiment

 As promised Ole Miss Franny will blog about my not so brilliant idea about scavenging for wild edibles till my garden comes in. Upon waking this morning, supposedly day 1 of this experiment, Ole Miss Franny found her farm covered in yet more spring snow. This time of year I discovered slim pickin's indeed even before the few green shoots I could identify became obscured by white stuff.
 I still have one bag of blanched and frozen chard from last year in the freezer. I think I will need to portion this out like gold till I can see the ground again. Hollis is happy about this reprieve, as he lives in fear of the projectile vomiting my ONE LITTLE mistake caused us both a few years ago. And there were no ill effects afterward, it was just one purging puke for goodness sake!
 Anyway, the only thing I can locate for sure are the corms on the rootstock of the cattails. One does not live by cattail corms alone, and as I like my minimum daily requirement of leafy greens, forgive Ole Miss Franny if she cheats and delays this experiment until she can see the ground again!
Stay tuned!

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